MARS is a full-service music company and creative agency that provides bespoke record label services. Our priority is to identify exceptional creative talents in Africa and the African diaspora, help craft their brand and create a platform to amplify their talents globally. Our experience and understanding of the African market spans over a decade working across different avenues of the entertainment and creative industries

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Our Artists



The first artist signed under MARS. YKB is an eccentric singer/songwriter bringing a dynamic energy to the Nigerian music scene with his style and panache. The Ketu-bred, YKB boasts an unconventional blend of Afrobeat/Afro-pop paired with fuji elements and African nuances that merge to create his unique sound. His 2021 single, “Dey Your Dey” ft Zlatan propelled him into conversations around the country. YKB shortly after followed up with the release of his first body of work “Before I Blow EP” a few days after his first headline live show in Lagos; reflecting on his struggles, state of mind, and a eulogy to women.



Boistory can’t fit into one box. The Ghanaian-Nigerian singer/songwriter and producer cuts through genres and defies categorisation. Press play on any boistory track and it becomes evident why labels fall short. When asked to describe his sound, he coins it as “Afro-R&B” which is “immersive, like something you’ve never heard before, but that still feels familiar to you.” His dreamy soundscapes, lush vocals, and nuanced lyricism position boistory as one of this generation’s most exciting emerging African talents.



The Nigerian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, hailing from Port Harcourt, is a beacon that inherent talent can never be denied. A refreshing new voice emerging out of the continent, Braye has taken it upon himself to make the type of reggae, soul and jazz-infused music that raised him and imbue them with the sounds of his native Nigeria and Accra, Ghana where he went to school. Listening to greats like Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Sam Cooke and Ray Charles, developed his taste for nostalgic composition and expression. When he felt like he was finally ready to let the world in, Braye shared snippets of his work on Instagram. For alté star Boj, one video was all the evidence he needed. The wheels started turning quickly after that and the generational talent found himself in the heart of Nigeria’s music industry developing a fresh new sound, gaining attention for his pen and spellbinding solo work.​



or Ekene, music is truth: “It's a form of documentation, just like a photographer, I capture what I'm going through in song.” The 21-year-old singer-songwriter’s first chapter unfolded in Lagos where he was raised on a diet of gospel music and cartoon jingles, while singing in the choir. He knew early on that music was a calling he couldn’t ignore. His soul-inflicted music showcases a spell-binding ability to craft songs that forfeit polished stories for authentic ones. With each bedroom ballad he looks inward, laying bare his deepest thoughts and raw emotions so intimately that it feels universal. His music is a journey that’s still blossoming. As we watch it unfold, Ekene’s deepest intention is to use his gift as a vessel for human connection. “I would like for my music to mean something even when I'm gone. I want my music to reach a point where it's impactful enough that even when I'm no longer here, a part of me still exists with people.”

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